SyncBack Touch licensing

SyncBack Touch licensing

SyncBack Touch (SBT) provides a convenient and easy way to back up your home or business information located on computers, mobile phones, tablets or other devices that run Windows, macOS or Android. However, SyncBack Touch is not a standalone application, it needs either SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE to perform backup, restore or sync operations.

Each licensed copy of SyncBackPro or SyncBackSE V7 (or newer versions) comes with 2 free connections to 2 SyncBack Touch devices. If required, you can purchase additional SyncBack Touch connection licenses to backup other Windows, macOS or Android devices available at your home or business.

Here are some examples of SyncBack Touch devices you can connect to based on the number of SyncBackSE/Pro license purchased:

1 SyncBackSE/Pro license = 2 free SyncBack Touch connections
2 SyncBackSE/Pro license = 4 free SyncBack Touch connections
3 SyncBackSE/Pro license = 6 free SyncBack Touch connections, and etc...

The above example applies to both personal and business usage.

SyncBack Touch Personal licensing

In addition to, the free 2 SyncBack Touch connections that ship with each installation of SyncBackPro/SE, personal users can optionally purchase the “SyncBack Touch Home User 5-License Pack” - limited to two home packs per Pro/SE installation, to add up to 10 additional connections to protect your family’s computers, mobiles phones, tablets and other devices.

1 SBT Home User 5-license + 1 Pro/SE license -> provides 7 SBT connections (5 licensed connections + 2 free connections)

2 SBT Home User 5-license + 1 Pro/SE license -> provides 12 SBT connections (10 licensed connections + 2 free connections)

SyncBack Touch Commercial licensing

When used to process non-personal data (e.g. in the workplace or processing business related data on a personal computer), a separate SyncBack Touch license must be purchased for each installation of the program (including one per virtual machine). Installing the program on a computer, or on a single device used non-simultaneously by multiple people, counts as one installation.

The following page shows the commercial volume discount licensing for SyncBack Touch:

1 SBT license + 1 Pro/SE license -> provides 3 SBT connections (1 licensed connection + 2 free connections)

You may purchase - “SyncBack Touch Home User 5-license pack” or SyncBack Touch commercial license at any time directly from our web store:
SyncBack Touch licenses are controlled either by SyncBackPro/SE application (by default) or SBMS (SyncBack Management Service).

SyncBackPro/SE as the License Manager for SyncBack Touch

When using SyncBackPro/SE application to control SyncBack Touch licensing, the 2 free connections can be used without any serial registration.

If more SyncBack Touch licenses are purchased, you can register the serial number from SyncBackPro/SE main-interface -> Help menu -> SyncBack Touch Licenses page or via the Licenses button on Modify -> SyncBack Touch settings page.

SBMS as the License Manager for SyncBack Touch

Businesses/Commercial licensees are recommended to use SBMS with SyncBack Touch for security and licensing as it is easier to register and manage licenses on a centralized server. However, you can configure SBMS as the license manager for SyncBack Touch only when using SyncBackPro (SyncBackSE cannot use SyncBack Touch devices that are using SBMS for licensing).

When using SBMS as the license manager for SyncBack Touch, the 2 free connections are activated upon registration of SBT license in SBMS (that means you have to purchase a Touch license and register it in SBMS to activate the 2 complimentary connections).

SyncBack Touch serial number can be registered using SBM console (Service menu -> Register Serial Number page) and you have to configure SyncBack Touch server to connect to SBMS, in order to verify the SBT license before performing backup, restore or synchronization (refer to SyncBack Touch help file for the information about SyncBack Touch and SBMS configuration).

You can download and install SyncBack Touch from here:

You can refer to SyncBack Touch guide here:

Read this article for the steps to create and configure a Touch profile in SyncBackPro/SE:

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