How to deal with Spam emails

Straightforward advice about what to do when Spam arrives through your e-mail inbox.

Don’t reply, and don’t open attachements

Unfortunately there are many Spam emails that purport to come from a source, when in fact they do not.

Emails, especially HTML e-mails, can contain hidden links. It’s always a good idea to look at the source of an e-mail before clicking a link. The source (usually available under the ‘view’ menu item in an email client like Outlook Express) can disclose a reasonable amount about the actual sender.

We strongly advise that you do *not* click any of the links in any Spam e-mails you receive, nor open *any* attachement or file without being very clear as to what is inside.

Replying to e-mails of this kind can also make matters a lot worse, as this confirms your e-mail address is indeed active. Above all, *do not* send any information about yourself, especially your credit card number or any personal information.

Many ‘Spammers’ and ‘Spoofers’ use programs that randomly generate e-mail addresses, in the hope that some percentage of these randomly-generated addresses will actually exist.

If you encounter any misuses of the 2BrightSparks name that you think may be fraudulent, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately by Contact Support. It is only through our constant vigilance and with the help of others like yourself that we can ensure that our name is not misappropriated for illegitimate uses.

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