Your Store reports my card is invalid

Why does your system say my card number is invalid?

Please double-check your card number. Are you entering the long number that spans the width of your card? This is the number that our payment processor requires. This should be 16 or more digits depending on your card type, and entered without spaces or dashes. Some cards have a “Card number” printed on them, this is often an 8-digit number. This is not the number required.

The authorization process is carried out by your bank, and our payment processor has no part in the subsequent decision. The decline message is sent to our payment processor by the bank with no explanation nor justification. If you see a message in asking you to contact them then your card issuer has declined the payment.

The reason for a decline is often to do with incorrect information entered, which does not relate to your card. For example:

• Wrong issue number
• Wrong expiry date
• Wrong security code etc

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