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This article provides some advise for those who find difficulty making a payment on our Web Store.

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Our Web Store is a very robust Internet payment environment. We receive very few negative comments about our store (less than 0.01%) , but sometimes users experience problems during the payment process.

Here are some examples of the kinds of problems people very occasionally encounter, and suggestions of how to overcome them:

1. It is possible you entered ‘Continue Shopping’ rather than ‘Checkout’.

2. As you completed the form, you may have entered a different address than on your credit card. Ensure this is exactly the same as that entered, otherwise it will not verify the transaction.

3. As you entered information in another failed, let’s say the ‘Card Security Code’ field, your browser may have automatically refreshed the page and shown this as blank. This is easily done when completing an online payment form. You may have completed a field, failed to spot the error, and forgetten to re-enter your password or credit card security check number before clicking the ‘next’ link, only to be returned to the page yet again.

4. You need to have Cookies and JavaScript enabled in your browser for our Web Store to function correctly. To check this in Internet Explorer go to ‘Tools’ > ‘Internet Options’ in the main menu, and select the ‘Security’ tab. Scroll down until you see the heading ‘Scripting’ and ensure the ‘Active Scripting’ option is enabled. This will be the default in a ‘Medium’ default security setting in IE.

5. If you use a browser other than Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox (freeware), or Opera, try using IE. Some browsers like ‘Maxthon’ have been observed to be problamatic in the buy process. To download Firefox which is an alternative to IE and a great free browser go to:


6. If you have bookmarked a page on our Web Store, and enter on a different page than that we direct you towards from our main website, it is possible the shopping cart scripting may not work effectively as your session would have ‘timed out’. For this reason we strongly recommend you do not bookmark our Web Store.

If you’re certain the above scenarios didn’t occur in this instance, we would very much appreciate any additional information you could send that would help us in our attempt to improve the user experience. This doesn’t have to be specific, but perhaps the currency, country, or other generic fields that might help us track down where the problem arose. To send us feedback:

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