Technical Support by Email

Free technical support is available to all trial users and major version licensees of our commercial software. SyncBackLite licensees are entitled to 30 days support warranty from the date of purchase.

Note that technical support is not available for the freeware we develop. Freeware users may however post on our Community Forum, browse the 400+ page extensive program help file, and review our 500+ KnowledgeBase Articles.

Support for Commercial Licensees

2BrightSparks Pte Ltd always endeavors to respond to usage questions or bug reports in a timely manner, and to resolve problems in due course. We offer free Technical Support by Email and via our Contact Form.

After submitting an email or submitting the form it is received by our online ticketing system which ensures support requests are logged and tracked properly. A record is kept of each support request for our staff to view. This results in effective communication and a faster resolution to issues.

Customers on Technical Support receive a prompt response to their queries. The response may include resolution of the issue. Note that we cannot guarantee a resolution of all support issues, nor can we guarantee their resolution within a certain time frame.

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