Problems Downloading Files

If you cannot download a file directly from our site, then it is probable that your local computer, office network, browser, firewall, or security setting is preventing the download. Here’s a checklist to go through:

1. Try downloading the file again. Sometimes the link between our server and your ISP may experience a glitch.

2. If you use a download ‘accelerator’ or download manager, switch it off temporarily as they can cause problems by corrupting files.

3. Check your firewall or security settings as they may be preventing the download.

4. If you attempted to download the file from our web store, did you click the yellow bar that sometimes appears in Internet Explorer? This may occur if the default ‘pop up blocker’ is on. In Internet Explorer go to ‘Tools’ >  ‘Pop-up Blocker’ and temporarily allow access from 2BrightSparks.

5. If the the error message is ’HTTP Error 403 Forbidden’, then it is possible ‘Zone Alarm’ or a similar security program is blocking the download. Temporarily disable ZoneAlarm, download the file, then reset, or restart your computer.

6. Try downloading the file on a different computer, preferably one not on an office network.

7. Ask your network administrator whether there are any security settings that prevent files being downloaded from the Internet. System administrators sometimes disallow certain types of files from being downloaded to prevent viruses etc.

8. If you are attempting to use the link from within your original order confirmation from our payment processor, that link may now be out of date. There is absolutely no need to be concerned by this as you can download exactly the same file from our main website.

We have tens of thousands of downloads every month, and although sometimes our server experiences glitches, these are thankfully very rare. If you continue to experience problems downloading a commercial product, please get in touch:

Contact Support

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