I Represent a Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization

* Note - Beginning July 2016, 2BrightSparks has switched over to a new web-store hosted by FastSpring (our new payment processor). The contents below describes how tax & VAT are handled on our new FastSpring webstore.

For U.S.-based educational and non-profit (ENP) organizations purchasing ENP licenses, please note that we do not charge sales tax for digital goods.

However, we will charge VAT (value-added tax) for software licenses sold to ENP organizations based in the EU, Norway or Switzerland. We also charge Consumption Tax for customers from Japan.

ENP organizations based in EU countries or Norway can be exempted from VAT Tax by submitting a valid VAT ID at the time of purchase.

For more details on the VAT and tax charges, please refer to this article:


Please note that eSellerate taxation process differs from FastSpring. For customers who previously purchased our products via the old web-store (before July 2016), you can review eSellerate's tax/VAT handling in the following articles:

US-based organizations who are tax-exempt
VAT charges for EU-based customers

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