Support Policy

Support Period

For our freeware users, and users of our retired SyncBack versions, our free support solutions include extensive Help Files (click the help button from within the program), a Knowledge Base with hundreds of articles for known issues and fixes and a Community Forum with thousands of posts.

For users who purchased our current commercial products, you get the above solutions plus 3 months free basic support via our ticket support channel and minor version updates/fixes as long as your program version remains "current".  Please note that SyncBackLite licensees are entitled to 30 days support warranty from the date of purchase.

For users who purchased both SyncBackPro or SE current versions plus SyncBack Upgrade Assurance subscription, you get the above plus free upgrades to future SyncBackPro or SE major version release and priority support at our ticket support channel.

(Upgrade Assurance benefits will last as long as subscription remains valid)

You can also keep right up to date with the latest news and updates about all our software by subscribing to our Spam free Mailing List.

Support is only available using English, and is not available for freeware or previous major versions of our software (for example SyncBackSE/Pro V7). Use the help files, KnowledgeBase and Forum if this applies to you.

Requesting Technical Support

Please don't request support 5 minutes after installing the program for the first time. This allows us to spend more time on making the program even better for you...

  • Read the help file and use the search facility in the help file.
  • Refer to our Knowledge Base.
  • Search our Forum.
  • Check you have the latest version installed. Install over your current version. Do not uninstall first.
  • Try to narrow down any problems, e.g. is it with the FTP server? Is it with the Windows Task Scheduler?
  • Please explain clearly how to reproduce the problem, and provide us with as much detail about your system as possible.
  • If we cannot replicate a problem then it's very unlikely we can fix it.
If you continue to require assistance after searching for an answer Contact Support.

Support Policy

2BrightSparks Pte Ltd endeavors to respond to usage questions or bug reports in a timely manner, and to resolve problems in due course, taking into account the severity of the problem. All issues will receive our best effort, but we cannot guarantee a resolution of all support issues, nor can we guarantee their resolution within a certain time frame.

We support current major versions of our software available via our downloads page:

We do not support earlier versions of our software. The primary reason for this is to ensure our software users enjoy the most stable and feature-rich version available.

Please read this document carefully to understand the full terms of our Support Policy.

Scope of Coverage

2BrightSparks Pte Ltd Support will cover common software related issues such as: Feature questions, basic set-up questions, and software errors.

Support will not cover: non-software related issues, operating system specific issues (including specific FTP configuration), freeware issues.

In addition, we do not provide support for 2BrightSparks software installed on pre-release Windows versions (for example, Alpha, Beta, Insider Builds, etc). We also do not provide support for software installed on Windows that are no longer supported by Microsoft (end of extended support, etc). Refer to this link to find out which Windows client versions are currently supported:

Hours of Support

Free Support to Commercial Licensees for Users of Purchased Products is available Monday to Friday.

Free support is not available for the following days:

Weekends and Public Holidays
Christmas Day
New Years Day
Chinese New Year
Easter Weekend (Good Friday through Easter Monday)

Methods of Support

This online support area is your destination for support related information from 2BrightSparks. You will find the text link "Contact support" on the right under the search field on every page. You might also come across a text link like the following now and again:

Contact Support

When you click the link you'll notice a new window opens which you can enter your support request. We also provide potential answers to your request on the left column which may provide an immediate solution.

NOTE: Support is not available for freeware or previous major versions (for example SyncBackSE/Pro V3/4/5/6/7). In addition, users who purchased current major version of our software without Upgrade Assurance subscription will get 3 months of basic support. Get extended priority support by subscribing to Upgrade Assurance.

Community Forum

2BrightSparks provides a free support resource in our Support Forum which covers all our software, including freeware. If you've tried searching our FAQ's and your question is still not answered, go to the Forum where you'll find advice from other users.

Unsupported Methods of Support

To ensure that support requests are logged and tracked properly, we will only respond to requests submitted through a Contact Form or via the email address stated in your order confirmation.

We do not offer telephone support. Phone support tends by its nature to pressure people (us) into making snap decisions, whereas written support requests can be considered, mulled over and tweaked till we are sure what we do say is the best answer we can give at the time. It also gives both sides a handy written reference as to 'who said what' previously. Sometimes we will need to refer issues between ourselves, and making sure what you said and what we said is exactly what we tell our colleagues always helps. Being able to reference the support request is an ideal way to achieve this.

Limitations to scope of support

1. Support requested is for an unsupported product, or non-software related issue.

2. Abuse of our support representatives in any way will result in a caution, and then, if the abuse continues, support privileges will be removed from your account. 

Every effort will be made to resolve the issue at the time of response. Note that we cannot guarantee a resolution of all support issues, nor can we guarantee their resolution within a certain time frame.

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